One Session Therapy Plymouth

One Session Therapy

This is a special opportunity to focus on one issue that you would like to resolve.

How does this work? Often, all you need is to talk through an issue, look at the choices, and consider the possible outcomes.

When to choose the one session option?

This is a good choice when you are short of time, you can’t stop thinking about one particular thing, you have a difficult decision to make, and you need perspective so you can move ahead quickly.

The focus and clarity you can gain through talking it through with a caring professional therapist can make all the difference.

Fee: £90

You can of course book follow up sessions at a future time.

Is Psychotherapy right for you?

  • You’re ready for change and new direction

  • You’d like to talk with someone balanced and professional to gain a fresh perspective

  • You’ve come as far as you can on your own

  • You have a difficult choice or decision to make

  • You want to stop repeating the same difficult situations and relationship problems

  • You want peace of mind, confidence, stability and wellbeing

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