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Business Support Coaching

Behind every successful business, there is a mentor or coach, or someone who believes in you and understands the challenges you are working with… and who also expects you to take clearly defined action to move forwards to the next phase.

As an established and successful business owner and therapist, I understand what you are going through, and I will help you move through any blocks, difficulties or self doubt that slow you down or hold you back.

I offer two types of business coaching to support you in a new or established business

Business Support Coaching for start-ups

I can support you to make the transition to establishing your own successful business.  If it is a matter of confidence and believing in yourself, my support will make all the difference. You will leave with a real sense of clarity and knowing all that you need to do.

  • Gain clarity on where to start

  • Avoid the common pitfalls new businesses make

  • Sound off new ideas and gain valuable insight into what makes a successful business

Business Coaching

Sometimes you need someone independent and objective to talk to, reflect with and decide your next steps. Being in business is demanding and confusing and I can help you gain valuable perspective and clarity. I enable you to find the courage, momentum and confidence you need to achieve the true potential of your business and address any arising problems.

  • Support, ideas, encouragement

  • An understanding of the impact of the context within which you work

  • Constructive feedback to help you move forward

Fees: £90 per 60 minute session or £500 for 6 x 60 minute sessions. Price includes VAT

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