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Mindfulness Training

Between stimulus and response is a pause that takes us to our freedom

Mindfulness training is essential in today’s world to help you manage everyday life without stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness training helps you slow down and be present in the now moment. Your mind wants to race ahead, because it wants to be in control. Mindfulness training is similar to puppy training methods, in that repetition is offered with kindness and compassion (of course your mind is much more complex than a puppy’s but it is just as much in need of training!).

Mindfulness training is based in the body. Your body communicates through symptoms, such as the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. When you learn to tune in and listen to your body, rather than rushing past how you feel, or pushing your feelings away, then you can stay in the moment. Most of the time, the present moment is ok if you stay in it. It is not stressful or unpleasant. You can learn to stop giving so much attention to anxiety, stress or negative thoughts which try to take over your mind and control how you feel.

I am a qualified and experienced mindfulness trainer. Mindfulness training is available in two formats, group and individual. Online and in-person sessions are available.

Mindfulness group trainings

Small groups of up to eight participants. Many people prefer this format when it is available as you learn so much from your fellow participants, and the companionship is special.

One to one training in mindfulness

These sessions follow a programme that is uniquely adapted to you.

Work with me

Text or email me now to organise an initial conversation about Mindfulness training.