Individual Psychotherapy - Online or In-Person

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is offered in person in Plymouth and on-line, as appropriate.

It is a special opportunity to focus on your own development and your recovery from the past. Regular psychotherapy sessions offer a unique opportunity for growth, change and transformation of all that may have held you back. We will spend time exploring your past in order that you can come to understand how the past continues to control the present until you can identify what you are holding onto, and then let it go. Individual psychotherapy is based in the therapeutic relationship, which is a boundaried relationship offering qualities of warmth, acceptance, compassion and support – where the most vulnerable, frightened, or unfulfilled aspects of you can receive kind attention, and become integrated into a new sense of self.

Fee: £75

Is Psychotherapy right for you?

  • You’re ready for change and new direction

  • You’d like to talk with someone balanced and professional to gain a fresh perspective

  • You’ve come as far as you can on your own

  • You have a difficult choice or decision to make

  • You want to stop repeating the same difficult situations and relationship problems

  • You want peace of mind, confidence, stability and wellbeing

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