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Eating Disorders

When your behaviour around eating alters your lifestyle and begins to narrow down your life, you are suffering from eating distress.

This can be incredibly challenging and difficult, both for you and for the people around you, who often do not know how to respond to you in a helpful way.

It’s so important that you get help, as eating distress of all kinds can have devastating consequences. It is often difficult to get help through your doctor, or the mental health services, and if you are offered help, it may not be enough. It is common that the profound psychological and emotional needs of people experiencing eating distress are simply not recognised or understood, and without this understanding it is virtually impossible to move on or recover fully.

I have specialised training and experience in working with all forms of eating distress, for both adults and young people. Whether you are going through anorexia, food restriction, bulimia, compulsive over-eating or bingeing, difficulties with your body image, or chronic low self-worth, I can work with you.

What does treatment for eating difficulties look like?

I listen with compassion, and I understand some of what you are going through, based on my extensive training and experience. Although this might sound simple, it is profound and it is the necessary catalyst for change. I offer hope and new ways of understanding yourself, increasing your self-awareness, and improving your relationship with your body. I show you methods to help you manage your feelings and behaviour and the ways you view yourself.

I offer specific interventions and techniques for your particular eating disorder and situation.

You are provided with invaluable resources including my book, instructions for keeping an eating diary, guidance on managing difficult feelings, and useful printed materials you can download.

Changing the patterns of a serious eating problem requires at least 12 month’s work, and some clients come back for follow-up sessions as needed.

An eating disorder is serious and early intervention is important, especially for young people. I also offer guidance for parents if your daughter or son has eating issues.

Fees: The fee is £90 per session including VAT. The assessment session is £180 and is two hours.

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